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How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

If you have enough token, the safest way for you to get players are by negotiating players with another club. I always prefer to negotiate on players than bidding or buying a scout players. The reason is simple, we get an excellent players with no worry for loosing our token for nothing. You will have your token back if the club denied your offer or the club did not respond in 24 hours.

Open your Top Eleven now, and navigate to Transfer - Negotiations. You will see 5 stars players. Not just that, click on a player and you will notice that the player just need 1 more skill point to be 6 stars player!!!

How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

You also can negotiate players directly from their club and not from the transfer window. You can negotiate with the club on your friend list or any club you found, like club on your League Competition, CUP, Champions League or from your friend friendly match. Just click on the club, navigate to squad and choose the players you want to negotiate.

Tips on negotiating players.
To succeed on negotiating players on Top Eleven, you need to spying on the players club. Does the club need the player? might be the best question to decide on negotiate the player. Here is some short tips from me on negotiating player:
  • Choose players from the club that 2 or 3 level above you. Do not choose players from the club with the same level with you except the club have many 6 or higher stars player at the same role position.
  • Choose players from active club, you can see this from how much players it have and the quality and the average age of the players in the club
  • On the first attempt, offer the club with just 1 or 2 tokens. Increase it every time you got denied. Ask yourself, is the player worth that token?
How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

That is all my tips on negotiating players. I usually negotiating on players when the competition newly started. That time is the worst time to go on bidding but it is the best time to negotiating players. Thank you for reading this post about How to negotiate players on Top Eleven? If you prefer on bidding players, you can also read my post about Top Eleven Bidding Players Tips and Tricks.

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