Whatsapp Video Call feature finally enabled for Android users. But to be able to use this feature, you have to become Whatsapp Beta Tester first, and update your Whatsapp Beta version to at least 2.16.316. Please refer to this post if you ready to become Whatsapp Beta Tester: How to Become a WhatsApp Beta Tester.

WhatsApp Video Call for Android first appeared on May for Beta users but it suddenly disabled without reasons and put back into development. Now it is enabled by default again for beta users, it was first announced enabled by default on Windows Phone.

As far as I know, Whatsapp Video Call feature is also have been enable on iOS (Whatsapp Beta) and Windows Phone Beta version.

Take a look to this tweet from @WABetaInfo about Whatsapp Video Call feature on iOS.

For now, you can only use the Video Call feature with other users who use the beta version too. Hopefully it will be ready for official release anytime soon. Take a look at the following video about How to use WhatsApp video call feature.

On that video above, users only able to make a video call to someone that also use the WhatsApp Beta Version and return "Couldn't place call" for users that use the official release version.

Want to try WhatsApp video call feature? Read this post on How to become WhatsApp beta Tester.

WhatsApp Messenger is growing into the number one messenger App on the earth, with many features available to satisfy their users. To be able to always be the number one, WhatsApp needs to always up to date to what the customer wants by adding more features, stability and bug fixes on every updates.

To make sure every updates and features are acceptable by their users, WhatsApp needs to have users to confirm it before make it available to all users by updating the official release or the stable version release. That's the job for WhatsApp beta tester users.

WhatsApp beta Tester users will get the features first before it release to the stable version. They also can report the feature if it have some bugs. The great thing is, you can use it before the others, before your friends even know it there.

How to Become a WhatsApp Beta Tester

How to Become a WhatsApp Beta Tester

To become a WhatsApp Beta Tester, you just need to simply open up Google Play Store and scroll down until you find a section says "Become a beta tester". Tap on "I'm in" button and confirm to join beta tester program by tap on "Join".

After doing that, all you need to do is waiting until the beta sign up progress completed. Then you need to update your WhatsApp be able to use WhatsApp Beta. Take a look at this short video below or view it on Youtube by this link https://youtu.be/4XOnMmsOV7I.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6) is my favorite Football game because it is do not need much system resource and can play very well on my mini netbook. It is enough for me, as long as I can play it smoothly on my old computer. But it will be better if I can update the players to the latest transfers. Like the transfer of Di Maria to PSG, Anthony Martial to Manchester United, and many more player transfers.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6) is based on players from season 2006/07. Of course, it will be very difficult if you want to manually transfer the player from one club to another and not to mention the new young players that rises every season, so How to Update Player Transfers on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6)?

How to Update Player Transfers on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6)

How to Update Player Transfers on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6)

There is something called Pro Evolution Soccer Option File. With this, you only need to over write the old option file to a new option file and you will have the players from the latest transfers. Not just the players, you will also have the latest jersey of the club and the country. It is all depend on the option file that you use.

My favorite place to download PES 6 Option File is at PES6 Option File on PESGaming Forums and also check this post for the latest Option File PES 6 Season 2015/2016 that I use. It is a forum, so always read the comment from members to see how good is the option file you want to download. If you have decide what Option file you want, you only need to download it and replace the original option file.

PES6 Option File name is "KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT" and located at "C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1" (USER is your Windows Account User). Delete or remove all the file on that folder, and copy and paste the newly downloaded option file to the folder. Make sure the file name is exactly "KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT".

Warning, remove the option file will also mean to delete all your saved league or replay. That is all I know about How to Update Player Transfers on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6), and please use the comment form below if you want to share your option file. Thank you.

There are many ways to install Windows 7 from USB Flash Drive. If you have a tablet, small laptop or netbook device or even PC that have no optical drives, you will really need to find a way to install operating system on it. It is not only useful for new computers, but also very useful if you are having problems with your operating system, and have to re-install it.

This article based on my personal experience, and for me this is the easiest way to install Windows 7 from USB Flash drive. Not only Windows 7, it is also can be use for Windows Vista or even Windows 8 but it is more tricky with Windows XP. Let start!

How to Install Windows 7 From USB Flash Drive?

How to Install Windows 7 From USB Flash Drive?


Preparing USB Flash Drive to be bootable

Bootable USB Flash Drive is a must to be able to Install Windows 7 from USB Flash Drive. Here step by step to make your USB Flash Drive bootable:

1. Plug in and format your USB Flash Drive and use Fat32 or Fat as file system.

Format your USB Flash Drive and use Fat32 or Fat as filesystem
Click the image to enlarge!
2. Extract GRUB4DOS and Grub4Dos GUI Installer, you can either put it together at the same folder or separated folder.

3. Start grubinst_gui.exe (extracted from Grub4Dos GUI Installer, run it as Administrator) and follow this image below to install GRUB4DOS booting code to your Flash Drive MBR (Master Boot Record).

Preparing USB Flash Drive to be bootable
Click image to enlarge!
First, you need to make sure you are choosing your flash drive from the drop down list (1), choosing the wrong drive will make you unable to boot from system without doing a proper boot repair. Click on refresh on Part List (2) and select "Whole disk (MBR)" (3) from the drop down list. Optionally, check the "Don't search floppy" option (4) and leave all other options. Finally, click the Install button (5). You will get the message that the installation was successful.

4. Copy grldr (not grldr.mbr) and menu.lst (extracted from GRUB4DOS) to the root of your Flash Drive, and now you have the bootable USB Flash Drive. To make sure, you can try to boot your computer from USB Flash Drive and you will see GRUB4DOS with default options.

Make your previous bootable USB Flash Drive to be Windows 7 Installer

All you have to do is copying all the content from your Windows 7 DVD or ISO image to your previous bootable USB Flash Drive and edit the menu.lst file.

If you are using ISO image, you can mount the ISO image to a virtual drive using DaemonTools or other tools and then copy all the content to your USB Flash Drive. So the content of your USB Flash Drive should be like this:
Make your previous bootable USB Flash Drive to be Windows 7 Installer
Click to enlarge image!
Next, edit the menu.lst file using text editor (I am using Notepad++) and add this text to the very bottom of the line, or download it from here:
title Windows 7 Setup
root (hd0,0)
chainloader (hd0,0)/bootmgr

Now, you are done and you can start to Install Windows 7 From USB Flash Drive by selecting Windows 7 Setup from GRUB4DOS menu.

Note: Do not unplug your USB Flash Drive before Windows 7 is installed properly on your computer. I recommend you to manually your computer from the Start Menu after you can see the desktop. After that, you are safe to unplug the USB Flash Drive.

Sometimes when you are installing or upgrading to the latest BlueStack App Player you will facing problems. One of the problem is BlueStacks Error: Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date.

There are many things that could cause this error. Your graphics driver is possibly need to be updated, so you need go to your graphics card manufacturer official website to download and install the latest driver or there also some people that had this error because they install the BlueStacks App Player while running on battery on their laptops. So they only need to plug the live power and install it again without any problems.

BlueStacks Error: Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date

BlueStacks Error: Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date

Another thing that can cause this error is from the installer itself. Maybe the BlueStacks App Player installer made a mistake while reading your graphics driver. To fix this problem, you can skip the graphics driver check. So follow these steps below to skip the Graphics Driver check during the install progress:

  • First you need BlueStacks App Player Offline Installer
  • Go to "Registry Editor" (Start > Run > type "regedit")
  • Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config"
  • Create a new DWORD value by right click on the right panel and choose "DWORD Value"
  • Rename DWORD Value name to "SkipGraphicsDriverCheck" and change the value "1" by double click it.
  • Try to install the BlueStacks App Player again.

BlueStacks Error: Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date
Another way if you are not familiar with Windows registry, you can download the reg file from this link BlueStacks Skip Graphics Driver Check. Download the reg file and double click to allow it to write on your registry.

That is all I know about BlueStacks Error: Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date. Still facing the same problem? Please leave your comment below.

According to official twitter by MotoGP, MotoGP Phillip Island using a new rule. It will be 19 laps and the rider must enter the pit stop. Here is the rule from official tweets:

MotoGP Phillip Island New Rule

MotoGP Phillip Island New Rule

This new rule will only valid in MotoGP Phillip Island.

One thing you must do to give a best service to your visitors is to make them easier to access the important element on a page. For example on Software-Mirrors.com, the most important element is the Download link, which is at the bottom of the page. This is where scroll page to an element really needed.

Scroll page to an element or jump to an element use to directly jump to an element that is important to the page and skip non-important element. The easiest way to do that by using html hyperlink tag that point to the element for example: <a href=#toHere . This code will bring you to an element which have ID="toHere". So how to do this with jQuery?

How to scroll page to an element using jQuery?

How to scroll page to an element using jQuery?

This is the simple jQuery code:
        var offset = $(".here").offset().top;

With this jQuery code, the page will scroll to an element with CLASS="here" when an element with CLASS="but" clicked. It will scroll for 1500ms or 1,5 second.

Not just CLASS, scrolling page to an element using jQuery can work for every jQuery selectors, like ID (#) or tag. You can use this link to practice http://jsfiddle.net/PaKfL/.

Sometimes, when you are in WiFi Hotspot area or making Ad-hoc connection between two computers, you need to manually configure the IP address for your Android device to be able to connect to the hotspot or another computers.

It is usually happen when your Android device failed to obtain the IP address from the server, or the network is configured not to use a DHCP server. So in this situation, your Android device will not receives configuration from the server and have to manually configure the IP address.

How to Configure WiFi IP Address for Android?

How to Configure WiFi IP Address for Android?

To manually configure WiFi IP address for Android, first you need turning on your wireless on Android and connect to wireless a network.

How to Configure WiFi IP Address for Android?

Tap menu on your device and go to "Advanced" option

How to Configure WiFi IP Address for Android?

In "Advanced" option, tick "Use static IP" and manually configure the IP address, Gateway, Netmask, DNS1 and DNS2 according to your network.

That is all, if you have any question on How to Configure WiFi IP Address for Android? you can use the comment form below to ask.

APK file is an Android Package Installer that use to install applications on your Android devices. Every applications and games in Google Play have APK file stored on Google server. With this APK file, you can install the applications and games directly to your Android device without needed of internet connection.

But, the APK file is not available to download directly from Google Play. To download APK file from Google Play, you need to use third party downloader like Extensions for Google Chrome or website to generate the download link for the APK file.

How to download APK file from Google Play?

How to download APK file from Google Play?

In this post, I will give you the simplest way to download APK files through website that provide service to generate APK download link. With this method, you don't need any device id or provide your Google email and passwords. Follow these steps:

  • Go to this link
  • Insert URL from Google Play
  • Click on Generate Download Link
  • Your direct Download Link for APK file from Google Play is ready!

How to download APK file from Google Play?

That is the simplest way if you are looking for How to download APK file from Google Play? Don't forget to confirm if you are success your APK file. Thank you.

Google Chrome web browser provide you with the ability to save your password. By default, Google Chrome will offer you to save your password when you sign in on a website like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. With this feature, next time when you want to log in to that websites, you don't need to enter your username and password anymore because it is automatically fill with your username and password, and you just need to click the log in button.

All the password that you save are stored by Google Chrome and will be use when you visits the same website again. This feature will be very helpful because you don't need remember your password any more, but in the same time it is also very vulnerable because it is stored in your browser and can be accessed by anyone.

How to view saved password in Google Chrome?

How to view saved password in Google Chrome?

Want to know how to view the saved password stored in Google Chrome? Follow these steps below:

  • Go to the hotdog icon (formerly wrench icon) on the top right of your Google Chrome browser and Choose "Settings"
  • At the very bottom of the page, Click on "Show advanced settings..."
  • Scroll down and find for "Password and Forms" and click on "Manage saved passwords"
  • You will see a pop up window contain of your saved password. You can also use this shortcut link chrome://settings/passwords
  • You will see three columns (Websites URL, Usernames, passwords). Click on the password you want to view, and you will see "Show" button. Just click it, and you will see your password.

How to view saved password in Google Chrome?
Now, you know how easy it is to view saved password in Google Chrome. So be careful if you want to lend your computer to your anyone.

If you have enough token, the safest way for you to get players are by negotiating players with another club. I always prefer to negotiate on players than bidding or buying a scout players. The reason is simple, we get an excellent players with no worry for loosing our token for nothing. You will have your token back if the club denied your offer or the club did not respond in 24 hours.

Open your Top Eleven now, and navigate to Transfer - Negotiations. You will see 5 stars players. Not just that, click on a player and you will notice that the player just need 1 more skill point to be 6 stars player!!!

How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

You also can negotiate players directly from their club and not from the transfer window. You can negotiate with the club on your friend list or any club you found, like club on your League Competition, CUP, Champions League or from your friend friendly match. Just click on the club, navigate to squad and choose the players you want to negotiate.

Tips on negotiating players.
To succeed on negotiating players on Top Eleven, you need to spying on the players club. Does the club need the player? might be the best question to decide on negotiate the player. Here is some short tips from me on negotiating player:
  • Choose players from the club that 2 or 3 level above you. Do not choose players from the club with the same level with you except the club have many 6 or higher stars player at the same role position.
  • Choose players from active club, you can see this from how much players it have and the quality and the average age of the players in the club
  • On the first attempt, offer the club with just 1 or 2 tokens. Increase it every time you got denied. Ask yourself, is the player worth that token?
How to negotiate players on Top Eleven?

That is all my tips on negotiating players. I usually negotiating on players when the competition newly started. That time is the worst time to go on bidding but it is the best time to negotiating players. Thank you for reading this post about How to negotiate players on Top Eleven? If you prefer on bidding players, you can also read my post about Top Eleven Bidding Players Tips and Tricks.

jQuery UI gives you simple way to use pop-up window. Pop-up windows in jQuery called dialog, and it triggered by the script dialog(). If it is your first time on using jQuery dialog(), I suggest to read my previous post about How to Make jQuery Popup Window? because in this post, I will just giving jQuery Dialog Effect Examples.

The way to do that are by using effect() inside dialog(). This post will show you a very simple examples on how to do that. But first, to make sure you understand this post, you have to be able to make a simple jQuery pop-up window. If not, please learn it from the previous post about How to Make jQuery Popup Window?.

jQuery Dialog Effect Examples

jQuery Dialog Effect Examples
The basic script will be like this:

This script will make a "fold" effect to show and hide or close the dialog box. Here the list of simple effect from jQuery UI and also jQuery Dialog Effect Examples:

Choose effects:

This is the source code:

To learn more about jQuery effect, you can go to this jQuery Effect link. If you have anything to ask, please leave it in the comment form below. That is all for jQuery Dialog Effect Examples, thank you.
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