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How to use UC Browser on PC?

Slow connection on your PC will make you very frustrated if you need to check any important thing on the internet. The solution is by using Opera Mini or UC Browser on your mobile device, but the problem on mobile device is the text input and screen wide is very limited. So why not using UC Browser on the PC?

After the previous post about How to use Opera Mini for PC, Now we are using the same way to use UC Browser on your PC. So the different is at the java MIDlet file that we will use. On the previous post we are using Opera Mini MIDlet to run Opera Mini. Please, read the previous post before continue this tutorial, because I will not explain much in here.

How to use UC Browser on PC?

How to use UC Browser on PC?

All the requirements are the same with How to use Opera Mini on PC, except for the java MIDlet. You must first downlod UC Browser Lite MIDlet from this UC Browser download page click JAVA and download Lite version for JAVA. Remember that this tutorial will only work for UC Browser Lite version.

The next steps is the same steps with Opera Mini for PC. You need to load the UC Browser MIDlet to MicroEmulator and launch UC Browser on it. That is all you need to know on How to use UC Browser on PC. Don't forget to comment if you have any question. Thank you.

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